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datejust vs day date

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When it comes to Rolex watches, there are two main models that people tend to compare: the Datejust vs Day Date. Both of these watches are iconic and have a lot of history behind them, but which one is better for you? In this article, I will take a look at the differences and similarities of these two watches so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Keep this in mind

This comparison is not about which watch is better or worse than the other. Both the Datejust and Day-Date Rolex are one of the best of the best timepieces. This post is more about which of these two watches better suits to your personal preferences.

Important steps to find out which of these luxury timepieces is better for you

To make sure that you can make a decision – if the Rolex Datejust or the Rolex Day-Date suits better to you – that you are 100% confident with there are a couple of things that need to be covered.

Basic Overview:

First of all, you will get a short overview of both watches, so that you can compare the two models better.


Then I will show you the similarities of the Rolex timepieces in a short overview.


After these two short paragraphs, I will show you the detailed differences between these two fantastic watches, so that you know every small and big feature that makes them unique from each other.

Basic Overview Datejust vs Day-Date

Let’s start with the Rolex Datejust, which is the Rolex Watch that got introduced earlier than the Rolex Day-Date. This will give you a first idea of the Datejust vs Day-Date comparison.

Rolex Datejust

Overview Rolex Datejust

The Rolex Datejust is one of the most iconic and recognizable watches in the world. First released in 1945, it was the first self-winding waterproof chronometer wristwatch to display the date in a window at 3 o’clock on the dial. With its timeless aesthetics and rich history, the Rolex Datejust is a true watchmaking icon. The Rolex Datejust is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet).

Rolex Day-Date

Overview Rolex Day Date

First launched in 1956, this iconic timepiece was the first waterproof and self-winding chronometer wristwatch to offer a modern calendar with an instantaneous day display. The day is spelled out in full in a window on the dial, alongside the date, making it incredibly easy to keep track of the time. The Rolex Day-Date is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet).

Already know which watch you want? Get your Rolex Datejust or Rolex Day-Date here:

Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust


Rolex Day-Date

Rolex Day-Date

Plan Highlight

Similarities Datejust vs Day-Date


Similarities Rolex Bezel Datejust vs Day Date

The distinctive fluted bezel of the Rolex watch is a symbol of prestige and excellence. First introduced on the Oyster model, the fluting served a practical purpose: it helped to screw the bezel onto the case, ensuring the watch’s waterproofness. Today, the fluted bezel is one of the most recognizable features of a Rolex watch, and is a sign of craftsmanship and quality.

Both the Datejust and Day-Date have a very similar bezel that you can hardly differentiate.

Cyclops Lens

Similarities Rolex Lens Datejust vs Day Date

The Cyclops lens is not just one of the most recognizable Rolex features, it’s also an indication that you’re wearing a timeless timepiece. The name comes from mythology and magnifies your date display two times for easy reading which was named after this ONE-EYED GIANT. The lens magnifies the date display by two and a half to make is easier to read.

The Rolex Datejust and Rolex Day Date use exactly the same Cyclops lens.


Similarities Rolex Crown Datejust vs Day Date

Both models have a similar crown with the Rolex logo in the middle. The only real difference is the little feature under the Rolex crown. The Rolex Datejust has a small line under the logo and the Rolex Day-Date has one or two dots under the logo depending on the exact model.

Differences Datejust vs Day-Date


The Rolex Datejust can be bought in sizes 31mm, 36mm and 41mm.
The Rolex Day-Date can be bought in sizes 36mm and 40mm.


Differnces Dial Datejust vs Day Date

The biggest difference between the Datejust vs Day-Date is the dial itself.

The Rolex Datejust has the Rolex logo at 12 o’clock and the date window at 3 o’clock.

The Rolex Day-Date has the same two attributes plus an additional one, which is the day window. This shows the current day and can be the one decision maker when you consider buying the Datejust vs Day-Date Rolex.


Differences Bracelet Datejust vs Day Date

The luxurious bracelet of the Rolex Datejust comes in 2 different options, three-piece links and five-piece links. The five-piece Jubilee bracelet was specially made only for this model, which – when you like this kind of bracelet – can be the decision maker when comparing the Datejust vs Day-Date.

The iconic bracelet of the Rolex Day-Date, with its semi-circular three-piece links, was created in 1956 for the launch of the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date. It is always made of carefully selected precious metals. There is only 1 option for the bracelet when buying a Rolex Day-Date.


Most of the Rolex Datejust watches are made of rolesor, which is a luxurious and best-of combination that combines the nobility of gold with the strength and reliability of steel. This unique combination is a unique Rolex signature, which is used since the early 1930s and was trademarked (name) in 1933. Some Rolex Datejust watches are also made of Oystersteel, which is highly resistant to corrosion and is also often used in the aerospace and chemical industries.

The Rolex Day-Date watches are mostly made of high-quality 18 kt gold alloys. By operating its own exclusive foundry, Rolex can produce yellow, pink, and white gold alloys of the utmost purity and quality. The process begins with only the purest metals, which are then meticulously inspected in an in-house laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment. Some watches of this model are made of 950 Platinum, which means that it consists of 95% pure Platinum.

Price Datejust vs Day-Date

The price when buying a Rolex watch is always an important factor, because of the great investment that you have to make when buying one of the highest quality timepieces in the world. Even though Rolex are generally the more expensive watches, there is a big difference between the Rolex Datejust and Rolex Day-Date.

The Rolex Datejust can cost you anywhere from $2,000 up to $10,000+.

The Rolex Day-Date can you anywhere from $7,000 up to $20,000+.


Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust



$3,500 – $25,000+


  • three-piece links
  • five-piece links
  • date window at 3 o’clock

Rolex Day-Date

Rolex Day-Date

Plan Highlight


$7,000 – $60,000+


  • three-piece links
  • date window at 3 o’clock
  • day window at 12 o’clock

With all the information that I gave you in this post, it’s your turn now to decide which one you prefer. To make it even easier for you, here are the top questions that will decide which Rolex timepiece you should add next to your watch collection:

1. Do you like the five-piece bracelet more than the three-piece bracelet?
If so, get a Rolex Datejust.

2. Do you want to have the weekday shown on the dial of your watch?
If so, get a Rolex Day-Date.

3. Do you want to invest less ($2,000 – $10,000+)?
If so, get a Rolex Datejust.

4. Can you invest more ($7,000 – $20,000+)?
If so, get a Rolex Day-Date.

Both the Rolex Datejust and the Rolex Day-Date are great, luxurious watches with the highest quality standards and reputation around the world. So no matter which model you will get next, this is 100% a good decision. This comparison is not about which watch is better, because both of them are amazing, but more about which one suits better to you.


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