About Me

A dude who loves luxury and investing.

Who Am I

Just a young dude who loves luxury items and investing money in many different things.

What You Can Expect

A whole lot of information about the best luxury items and investing stuff.

How it all started..

My name is Mick and it all started 10 years ago when I finish school and started working in a bank.
The job combined both topics:

Being dressed noble and money topics.

I enjoyed wearing suits every day and ever since – where many people say they don’t find them comfortable – found them very enjoyable.
In those 3 years in the bank, I learned a lot about money and got to know customers that had very less money and also very much money.
This got me thinking about money in very different ways and I decided quickly that I never wanted to be in a bad situation because of money or because of not having a lot of money.

After 3 years in the bank, I studied sports management, now work in the event branch and have my own little side hustle online business on YouTube (this is not about me so you won’t find me there).

10 years later I now have 5+ different income streams and a couple of watches and suits which I want to get more in the future.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and hope that I can help you with any topic that made you visit my blog.


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